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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Being a senior citizen now, after 60 long years of life, I sometimes wonder what my reward will be when I retire. I've decided that I already have my reward for working all these years, raising kids, and trying to keep the family provided for - it's GRANDKIDS!!!

Nothing can bring a smile to my face faster than seeing or just thinking about my grandyounguns! The things they say and do, simple as they might seem, bring great joy to my heart. If only they didn'nt have to grow up. It's like having a new puppy (or kitten for you cat lovers). I mean who else can you let you steal their nose or pull your finger? Who else will run full blast and crash head on into your crotch? Who else can get a laugh out of you by just sticking their tongue out and going "thpppppppppppppppppppp" or stand in your lap and barf on your shirt? And when they make a doody in their diaper, you just hand them back to their parent(s) - payback!

You can even dust off some of the stuff you did with their parents and play with your grandkids like it was new. My thing was to wrestle around on my bed with my kids everyday when I came home from work - great therapy for me (as long as they didn't fall off the bed on their heads). With the grand kids it started off the same with GK#1 who called the game "jump the tummy". That worked pretty well until she got big enough to smush me into pain when she stood on and jumped on my tummy or my other pain inducing organs in that same region. Then GK#2 came along and changed the name to "steam roller". This variation of the game is still in play and involves GK#2,4,5, and 6, sometime all at the same time. This requires a soft bed and me as the monster. The game is started with me staring at one of the GK's and giving out a low growl. Then the fast dash for the nearest large, soft bed where I lay flat on my stomach and the kids body slam me as I roll slowly back and forth on the bed trying to smush the GK's. Then one of them will attach themselves to my back and I have to try to shake them off like a bucking bronco, not my most photogenic moment, because this part has been known to cause a wardrobe malfunction. It's also a good calorie burner.

There are some down sides. Like when "Nana" comes into the room. The term "who am I, chopped liver" comes to mind. Or, "who needs Santa when you've got Nana"! I'm second chair in the grandparent band. Do they run to me when they get hurt? Noooooo, it's always Nana. She does sometime delegate her fun things to me like when a splinter needs to be extracted or a tooth pulled. That way the painful part of being a grandparent is associated with GRANDAD. Oh, I fix stuff too. That way I get a little glory when the broken object is returned to the GK "all fixed"! Sometimes I break things on purpose like the little Thomas the train that gets turned on and gets set down and continues to tik tik tik tik.....until my brain explodes. By that time the little demon object has driven itself under the sofa, gets stuck, but continues to tik tik tik tik...until my brain explodes. But guess what, a new one always seems to appear, remember, who needs Santa......