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Friday, October 31, 2014

Feeling Lonely

So, the wife sez: "my plan has changed" , regarding going to visit her mother. I thought she might have worked out a plan where I could go with her. NOPE! She meant she had figured out a way to combine her trip with work and instead of being gone 2 nights, she will now be gone 5 nights (5 sleeps for the kids reading this).

It seems that the older I get, the less I want to be separated from my better half. This time will be especially trying because my mother is here with me, demanding to go everywhere I go (except to work). My other available siblings are not available without 6 weeks notice, leaving them plenty of time to invent a suitable excuse why she can't stay with them. Hence, my longing for my wife to calm me down whe I get frustrated with Mom.

It is quite frustrating with Mom because everything I say must be repeated 3 times - slowly with loud, correct inunciation! Otherwise I'm accused of mumbling. Then, 5 minutes later, she'll ask something about what was just said, saying she didn't understand what I said. Repeat 3 more times, until I simply quit responding to her inquiries.

Mom's excuse for such activity is that she's "old". She plays the old card like the ace of spades. Game, set, match!