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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weddings and Funerals

The only places and/or events where I wear a suit are weddings or funerals. Weddings are slightly more fun than funerals, so I went to one last Friday evening to witness my neice get hitched up to a fellow that looked a lot like Russell Crowe. My son officiated the event way up in Oklahoma City.

The event took place on Friday evening instead of the traditional Saturday evening because the wedding chapel was booked solid. That meant that we had to hustle up there on Friday, so I chose to fly us up on Southwest Airlines, my second favorite airline. They would be my favorite airline except for the seating arrangement. They have 3 seats on each side of the aisle and Judy likes the window seat. That shouldn't be a problem except for the fact that SW flights are just about always full, making me have to take the middle seat with mystery guest #1 getting the aisle seat. This time it was ok because a nice lady took the seat and the only flaw with her was that "OU" was painted on her looong finger nails, obviously a Sooner fan!
There was a home game in Norman on Saturday and the cows were coming home to the barn for the game.

Anyway, we got there with plenty of time to spare, courtesy of Tres and Kate picking us up at the terminal. Even had time to take a little nap at the hotel prior to the event - travel being so tiring and all. So around 6 we headed over to the chapel for the festivities, suit and all. Immediately, I saw I had over dressed because everybody was wearing blue jeans. Then I remembered that "formal" in Oklahoma means WASHED jeans, really formal is starched and ironed jeans. This was a really formal Oklahoma wedding and I had overdressed! Now, all these formal rules I've mentioned apply to guys. Formal for gals on Oklahoma means really tight, short - did I say tight, dresses. This is normally paradise for a single girl watcher guy, but murder for us married old codgers - I had to avert my eyes when the brides' maids stepped up on the 3 steps to the stage - did I say short dresses.

My neice was stunningly beautiful and the groom was so nervous with anticipation. Tres did a marvelous job with the wedding, no flubs or goofs which would have happened if I had been up there, but he is a man of the cloth (preacher man to you Okies) and used to such pressure. The festivities were followed by a reception complete with DJ and an open bar. The pressure was over, the alcohol loosened up the folks, a few a little too much, which is a mystery to me because the beer is 1/2 strength in Oklahoma. Not to worry though, the deputy sheriff was there to help keep things under control, or he would have if he had ever finished at the buffet (trough for you folks in Oklahoma)!

So maybe I need to change my thoughts about wearing suits, especially if it's in Oklahoma!


  1. I'm sure that you looked extremely handsome in your suit. I sure do wish that I could have been there. That darn church of ours had Joe working a concert on Friday. Annoying!